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SmartReach Long Distance Service Features

One Step Dialing

Sign up for SmartReach Long Distance Service and register the phone numbers from which you will dial SmartReach access numbers, on the SmartReach Customer Portal. Now, you do not need to enter a PIN code when you call the access number to make long distance phone calls. SmartReach state-of-the-art system recognizes the phone number you registered, matches it with the number you are calling from and automatically authenticates you as a valid user.

Customer Portal

Access secure SmartReach Long Distance Customer Portal using any web browser. Using the Customer Portal, you may:

  • Check your account balance
  • Recharge your account
  • Apply credits to your account
  • View call history
  • Customize Speed Dial settings
  • Personalize your Address Book
  • Create a Login User ID and Password
  • Modify contact information

Auto Recharge

Never worry about running out of minutes! Select this option to ensure that your account is recharged automatically when funds run low. Simply enable this option when you sign up (or at any time, later) on our secure Customer Portal and your account will be replenished when it reaches the minimum balance.

Speed Dialing

Make Canadian, U.S. or International calls without dialing the entire number each time. Set up a speed dial list of frequently called numbers and manage this list online. You may enter up to 20 speed dial numbers that can then be called with just the push of a button.
Download the SmartReach User Guide
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Why should you use SmartReach from your cell phone? What is the difference between the "One Time Recharge" and the "Auto Recharge" options? If you wish to sign up over the phone, click here to view our contact information.

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