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SmartReach Long Distance Service Testimonials

Here are a few of the many comments we've received from SmartReach customers.

"I've been using another provider before and didn't like their services as I would always hear the echo of my own voice. The best thing about SmartReach is the price, very clear reception, very good customer service and that it's cheaper than the calling cards."

Pablo Tecson
Etobicoke, Ontario

"Hello SmartReach, just want to let you know that your customer service is outstanding. I am a person that does a lot of research when signing up for a long distance plan such as this. Let me tell you, when I did my research no other company could compare to your rates.

I thank you for the updates by email and how easy it is to view, modify or change information on my account. You will definitely be recommended to many of my friends and family who I know are looking for a long distance plan.

Thanks again."

Mississauga, Canada

"Thank you for the $10 PINs! This is good timing for Diwali and I can use it to make calls back home. The phone quality is excellent and the service is easy to use. I have referred my friends to sign up as well."

Brampton, Canada

"Have been using the service for few months now and love the convenience of registering multiple phone #s. Clear reception and trouble free connection. Thanks!"

Toronto, Canada

"Your customer service responsiveness not only retains customers, but attracts new ones.

I am in the process of using up my phone card which requires me to punch 20 digits to call London even though I have the phone card company's phone number in memory compared to only 2 digits with Smartreach. This wonderful feature coupled with excellent service will be what I'll tell my friends."

Toronto, Canada

"I recently signed up for your service. I must say, I'm impressed! I love the Speed Dial feature, your rates are amazing, and your website is amazing. Very user friendly, easy to navigate, simple account management, and 6 months call history! I love it! Thank you for providing such a superior service!"

Maria Blacquier
Toronto, Canada

"I visited Canada for three weeks and used SmartReach to make long distance calls back home to India. I deposited $10 into my account and that was enough for the whole three weeks. I made the calls with my cell phone, and the quality was excellent. There was no delay in the connection time, no disturbance and the calls were crystal clear."

Anand Mendjogi
Pune, India

"This service is great! I can now make long distance calls with my cell phone at incredible rates. My number is recognized every time I make a call and the Customer Portal gives me full access and control of my account. My family of four shares this account and is very satisfied with the quality as well. SmartReach is reliable, easy to use and a great way to save money on long distance calls."

Paul Leung
North York, Ontario

"SmartReach is a very convenient service. The quality of service is phenomenal and I love not having to enter long PIN numbers. The rates are excellent and I have the convenience of managing and reviewing my account online. I don't have to worry about running out of minutes because I can use the auto-recharge feature to automatically recharge my account. SmartReach makes it very easy to make cheap long distance calls, and comes with useful features that calling cards simply don't offer."

Colin Redwood
Scarborough, Ontario

"I used to buy calling cards to make international calls to my family. After I signed up for Pathway's SmartReach, all the hassle of using a phone card is gone. I never have to go to a store to buy calling cards, dial PIN numbers, and I've saved money. The Speed Dial feature is also very useful. I only have to enter in the two-digit speed dial combination, instead of entering in all the area and country codes."

Kit Liew
Toronto, Ontario

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