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SmartReach Long Distance Service - How It Works

Make a call in a few simple steps:

* For Canada/USA Calls: Dial 1 + (area code + 7 digit phone number)
  For International Calls: Dial 011 + Country Code + (area code + phone number)

How does PINless dialing work?
Register any phone number (home, cell or office) on the Customer Portal and you can make calls without dialing long PIN codes. SmartReach’s state-of-the-art system recognizes the phone number you registered, matches it with number you are calling from and automatically authenticates you as a valid user. You may register multiple numbers so you and your family can use SmartReach from virtually anywhere.

To register your numbers, log into the Customer Portal with your SmartReach Username and Password. Select “Register Phones” from the left-hand menu and click “Add New” to register your phone numbers. Please note you must enter digits only.

What’s wrong with Calling Cards and “10-10” service? Learn more about their tricks!
What is PINless dialing and how do I activate this option? Why should you use SmartReach from your cell phone?

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