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How to save on cell phone calls with SmartReach?

  • How can I save on local cell phone calls with SmartReach?
If you are a SmartReach client you can make local calls from your cell phone at less than two cents a minute. Here’s how:

  • Register for an “unlimited calling to five numbers” service offered by your cell phone provider.
  • Add the SmartReach access number to your “unlimited calling to five numbers” list.
  • Use SmartReach to make all local calls at 1.9¢ a minute.
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  • What is “unlimited calling to five numbers”?
Most cell phone providers in Canada offer unlimited local calls to and from five numbers of your choice. This feature is either included free of charge in your monthly cell plan or offered as an add-on at a low fee. You should be able to choose any wireless or landline number for your five numbers. Once you register these numbers with your provider, you should be able to send and receive unlimited local calls within your local area calling to/from these five phone numbers free of charge.
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  • How does using “unlimited calling to five numbers” with SmartReach work?
Remember, when you make calls from your cell phone, you are paying between ten cents a minute (the lowest volume rate available) and thirty five cents a minute (standard overuse rate) for air time.
You save money, because
  • When you call the SmartReach number (after putting it on your “unlimited calling to five number plan”) you do not pay for air time for this first leg.
  • b) When you call your destination number using SmartReach (the second leg) you are using SmartReach’s land lines to make your call. This costs you less than two cents a minute.
You therefore avoid paying cellular phone charges to make calls!

Using your cell phone directly

Using your cell phone with SmartReach
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  • What are the local SmartReach access numbers that I can call?
Click here to see local SmartReach access numbers in your city.
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  • Which cell phone providers offer “unlimited local calling to five numbers”?
This service is offered by Rogers, Bell, Telus and other cellular providers.
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  • Are there any limitations to the five numbers feature?
Please note: since the unlimited calling to five numbers feature is only free for calls within your local calling area, make sure to add your local SmartReach access number to avoid long distance charges from your cell provider. Click here to see local SmartReach access numbers in your city.
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  • How to make a call from a cell phone using SmartReach?
The same way as from any other phone:
  • Register your cell phone number on the SmartReach portal (go to “Register Phones”)
  • Dial your SmartReach local access number from your cell phone.
  • Dial your destination number.
  • Start talking.
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  • If I call SmartReach to make local calls, how can I reduce the number of digits that I need to dial?
Simply assign a speed dial command to the SmartReach access number in your phone contacts list (you can also create a voice command if your phone has a voice recognition feature) and you won’t need to dial the SmartReach access number every time you need to make a call. For even faster calls, you can assign speed dials to your frequently called destination numbers in the SmartReach portal (go to “Create Speed Dials”) and you can place calls through SmartReach in a matter of seconds.

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